Nils Fonstad

Nils Fonstad, Research Scientist @ MIT CISR

Nils Fonstad

Research Scientist @ MIT CISR

Nils researches competitive digital innovation. Specifically, drawing on both in-depth qualitative data and survey data from over 200 firms, he is studying what investments and innovation practices distinguish the most competitive firms. The research has identified distinct competitive portfolios for a variety of performance outcomes and practices that amplify the impact of investments. He also studies how organizations build digitized platforms that enhance and sustain competitive business agility, as well as how they define, access and foster new skills and leaders for operating and innovating digitally. In 2010, he co-founded with CIONET the annual European CIO of the Year Awards to raise awareness of the expanding strategic roles of digital leaders.

Based in Madrid, Nils is responsible for both fostering relations with organizations from Europe and Latin America and conducting field-based research on how firms maximize business value and minimize risks from digitization.

From November 2008 until June 2014, Nils served as Associate Director of INSEAD eLab. Nils earned his PhD degree in Information Technology and Organization Studies from MIT Sloan School of Management; an MS from the MIT Technology and Policy Program; and a BS in Mechanical Engineering and BA in Film Studies from Cornell University.