Juan Carlos Fouz

Juan Carlos Fouz, CEO @ WiderPool y Managing Partner @ CIONET

Juan Carlos Fouz

CEO @ WiderPool y Managing Partner @ CIONET

Juan Carlos is a successful entrepreneur and an expert in managing global communities and innovative technologies. He brings 20 years of experience in transforming large corporations through innovation and driving new business models that have better aligned brands with their customer base.

JCF began his career as an entrepreneur in customer experience consultancy over 20 years ago, when he launched IZO, a consulting firm specialized in business operations analysis and the improvement of customer experiences. He also founded and led companies, such as GAB, DiarioCritico.com, Smartapper, BCE, CIONET, and others focusing on tech innovation, asset management and business model restructuring. JCF joined WiderPool as CEO in 2017. In the same year he started as the Managing Partner of CIONET Iberoamérica leading a community of thousands of CIOs and IT c-suite executives in Europe and Latin America.

Juan Carlos has been an active business angel and mentor in several startups, marked with successful collaborations with tech accelerators and venture capital firms.

He is actively involved in YPO, the world’s largest and most prestigious global network of CEOs.